Remote Owls is a budding news blog with a loud and clear motto.  Our motto is very simple that is instead of a right-wing or left-wing’s perspective we would analyze the situation from an unbiased perspective. We are living in a very strange period when the right wing does not sound “right” all the time, and on the other hand left-wing also does not sounds “wrong” all the time. Therefore, it is better we see everything from a neutral and unbiased perspective. Don’t you think under such interesting environment a Graphic Designing Internship would be an excellent side hustle?

We are looking for a creative team that understands the value of content production as a way of side hustle. You really need to learn to dig into the past, present, and future with utmost curiosity. Instead of following norms, you need to create your own norms. A side hustle is successful when you can think out-of-the-box.

Intern Graphic Designer
Graphic Designing Internship

Apart from freelancing opportunities, we are also offering UNPAID Content Writing Internship, and UNPAID Graphic Designing Internship opportunities. The purpose of that 30 – 45 Days long internship program is to give practical exposure to comprehensive content development and graphic designing processes. At the end of that internship program, you will get a stellar portfolio that you can showcase to prospective employers. You will get practical knowledge of graphic designing by creating content for,, and It is a WORK FROM HOME program, so own DESKTOP/LAPTOP computer with HIGH SPEED INTERNET connection is a MUST.

Outcome of Graphic Designing Internship:

  • Exposure to create stunning designs to win the hearts and minds of the clients;
  • Learn to design interesting and interactive graphics, infographics, presentations, brochures, booklets, case studies, reports, whitepapers, etc. to resonate with the tone of the products & services of the respective clients;
  • Learn to design exciting new graphic content for various kinds of products and services from different sectors;
  • Explore new design challenges for different clients, different niches, and different businesses with seniors;
  • Work closely with content writers, copywriters, and clients to establish the accurate theme of the businesses;
  • Provide valuable inputs to strategize innovative designs that convey the core concept of the client’s business model;
  • Basic exposure to conversion the designs using HTML, CSS, and other processes;
  • Learn to follow the exact brand guidelines while designing the content;
  • Developing robust motivation to attack deadlines with quality output;
  • Exposure to use various graphic designing and video editing software;
  • Finally, owning a stellar portfolio to showcase comprehensive skills.


  • Basic graphic design skills with a portfolio;
  • Basic visual communication and user experience research skills; 
  • Basic exposure to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, HTML, CSS, and other supporting programs;
  • Basic exposure to various graphic designing tools that include Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, After Effect, Canva, etc;
  • Basic exposure to various video editing tools;
  • Outstanding creativity with a natural storytelling ability;
  • Understanding of current design patterns.