Under the geopolitics section, we will be discussing many appalling issues that going through around the world. The only aspect that would be missing here is political correctness. The twenty-first century will be a really trying time for our generation. Many experts around the world are constantly predicting an imminent clash of civilizations. Amidst such a volatile environment let’s throw political correctness somewhere in outer space and discuss facts. For better understanding, we have divided that part into two categories. The first category is Economy and Business and the second category is Politics.


If you believe the world revolves around the Sun then you should think again. The modern world and especially the world of our species revolves around economy and business. We are so heavily dependent on the money that we don’t even bother twice to exterminate other species. So many revolutionary ideas in the economy and business world bring drastic changes. We need to intercept every change from a new perspective.

For your convenience, we have divided that category into four subcategories. All these subcategories are Economy, Business, Finance, and Management. Every topic would be short and crisp. Our motto is very simple and that is – giving you maximum information in minimum words.


Generally, politics is the most crucial factor in a society. Not only for society, it is the factor that develops a nation as well. We are living in an era where the entire earth is torn apart between right-wing politics and left-wing politics. In this left-wing vs. right-wing rift, we are losing truth, ethics, morality, and logic every now and then. As a society, we need to analyze everything from a new perspective.

Instead of propaganda let’s stick with facts. Precise, crisp, and unbiased facts. For better understanding, we have also divided it into four subcategories. These subcategories are Law and Order, Government, Geopolitics, and Defense. 




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