Remote Owls is a budding news blog with a loud and clear motto.  Our motto is very simple that is instead of a right-wing or left-wing’s perspective we would analyze the situation from an unbiased perspective. We are living in a very strange period when the right wing does not sound “right” all the time, and on the other hand left-wing also does not sounds “wrong” all the time. Therefore, it is better we see everything from a neutral and unbiased perspective. Don’t you think under such interesting environment Content Writing Internship would be an excellent side hustle?

We are looking for a creative team that understands the value of content production as a way of side hustle. You really need to learn to dig into the past, present, and future with utmost curiosity. Instead of following norms, you need to create your own norms. A side hustle is successful when you can think out-of-the-box.

Intern Content Writer
Content Writing Internship

Apart from freelancing opportunities, we are also offering UNPAID content writing internship, and UNPAID graphic designing internship opportunities. The purpose of that 30 – 45 Days long internship program is to give practical exposure to comprehensive content development and graphic designing processes. At the end of that content writing internship program, you will get a stellar portfolio that you can showcase to employers. You will get practical knowledge of content writing by writing content on,, and www.smiling-rainbow.comIt is a WORK FROM HOME program, so own DESKTOP/LAPTOP computer with HIGH SPEED INTERNET connection is a MUST.

Outcome of Content Writing Internship:

  • Learning to conduct in-depth research on given topics;
  • Exposure to on-page SEO;
  • Learning about drafting informative SEO – based content for different platforms;
  • Developing complete grasp on writing various kinds of content that include blogs, articles, proposals, reports, booklets, brochures, webpages, whitepapers, etc with perfect precisions;
  • Hands-on exposure to compare the content of the competitors and drafting better content than competitors;
  • Hands-on exposure to writing excellent and captivating content for various products and services;
  • Hands-on exposure to various content writing tools;
  • Collaborating with content writers, copywriters, and graphic designers and gaining practical exposure of project implementation;
  • Hands-on exposure to keyword research;
  • Developing robust motivation to attack deadlines with quality content;
  • Finally, owning a stellar portfolio containing live projects to showcase comprehensive skills.


  • Basic writing skills;
  • Good editing and proofreading ability;
  • Exposure to research skill is mandatory;
  • An impeccable grasp of writing in English;
  • An impeccable grasp of writing content in Hindi is a plus but not mandatory;
  • Ability to write content that is free from any sort of plagiarism and grammatical errors;
  • An impeccable grasp of the writing, and that includes the current idioms and current trends of slangs of that language;
  • Ability to describe highly complicated matters in a captivating manner to the audience is a plus but not mandatory;
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Marketing, Journalism, English, or any other related field is desired by not mandatory.