In this section, we will discuss the complex facts of politics and the matters related to it. In the world of politics, defense plays a huge role, so the geopolitics, and complicated yet interesting fabric of governments. The constantly evolving law and order situation is another aspect that needs our attention. However, the best part would be instead of “right and left wings perspectives” we would be dissecting the issues from the “right and wrong perspectives”. 

Law and Order

In this section, we will discuss the law and order situation in our domestic arena. Not only that, apart from the domestic arena you will get insightful articles on international arenas as well. The format of these articles would be either short or long. Irrespective of length, one thing is for sure and that is you will love this content. Please continue reading



Here we would discuss the updated information about the domestic and international updates on the government. The interesting development in the government around the world. The format of these articles would be detail-oriented short or long pieces.  Please continue reading….


Knowledge of politics is incomplete without the knowledge of geopolitics. Therefore, in this section we would provide updates on geopolitics. The interesting updates on geopolitical arenas around the world. Format of these information packed articles would be either long or short. Please continue reading…. 


As it’s already understood that section is about defense-related information.  The vital development in that sector is both in domestic and international arenas. This content can be either long or short. Irrespective of the length of this content one thing is sure and that is these will be information pact. Please continue reading

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